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Travel by theme

Travel by theme

India with its eccentric vibrancy is a multi-coloured theme in itself, but within this diverse country resides manifolds of religions, cultures, people, and ethnicity.

Travel by destination

Travel by destination

With countless destinations that would be travellers’ delight, it is not really possible to see India is a few days or weeks.

Travel to learn

Travel to learn

An exploration of art, language and culture of India is like making a journey beyond just witnessing the traditions and artistry from where comes some of the most exquisite and world known art forms.

Customized travel

Customized travel

India has a little of everything. Home to the holiest river in the world, Ganga, it has deserts, beaches, hill stations and the chaos of a metropolitan city.

Beyond India

Beyond India

Don’t just limit yourself to India. Explore beyond. The Himalayas in Nepal, the monasteries in Bhutan, the pagodas in Myanmar, and the temples in Sri Lanka.


Why Eyes on India?

Authentic Experiences

We offer an experience of a lifetime

Local Flavors

Walk through plantations, pick your own vegetables, and dine with a local family. Sit in a village overlooking the Taj Mahal and listen to stories from a villager. Learn cooking but not on a chef’s table but in the kitchen of a local family

Customized Travels

You design your dream itineraries and we just help you realize your dreams. It might be a leisurely vacation or one dedicated to learning. You choose what to do, and we assist you in planning the ideal vacation.

Unmatched Expertise

Carole Herdegen has traveled extensively to more than 65 countries and across 7 continents. This team has been crafting experiences for the past four decades and are read to serve you.

Featured Itineraries

Pushkar Fair: World’s Largest Camel Fair

From festooned palaces and their timeless appeal to the white marble mausoleums and vividly colored of fairs and festivals. This trip cites some of the most extravagant experiences Rajasthan has to offer.

Breathtaking Northeast

Sikkim & Darjeeling are famed for the superb mountain views, the floral spectacle in summer, the birds and the pristine forests. A journey to know the culture, nature and adventure.

Sri Lanka for Anthropologist

Sri Lanka is a pearl drop suspended in the glistening Indian Ocean. A tapestry of culture and nature, Sri Lanka with its rich heritage of past colonisation and its spiritual roots, is indeed a gem to be reached for.

Traveler of the Month

Irwin Schatzman

From the land where Buddhism was born, to the land where Buddhism is a lifestyle. From the laps of the mighty Himalayas to the Kingdom of Happiness. Through this journey from Nepal to Bhutan, they witnessed the various facades of Buddhism in these regions.

They visited Kathmandu’s best-loved temple, Swayambhunath (or the Monkey Temple) that survived the 2015 earthquake. The following morning they flew to Bhutan and visit Drugyel Dzong, the dzong built to man the route to Tibet and also, one of its oldest Buddhist temple, Kyichu Lhakhang, near Paro. During their stay in Paro, they also drove to the Taktsang Monastery, a sacred Buddhist temple located on the cliffside of the upper Paro valley, before heading to Thimphu. While in Thimphu, they explored Bhutan’s capital city, saw the local handicrafts, witnessed the Thimphu and Wangdi Tsechu and explored the scenic town of Punakha. And on the final day of the journey, they even tried their hands at golf in Phuntsholing.

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Gary and I very much enjoyed our India Adventure with Indebo. I will highly recommend your services if anyone I know is planning a trip to India. I also forgot to mention the Indebo rep we met at the Trident in Jaipur. His name is Pankaj. He is a young man who is a good rep of Indebo. When he found out we were unhappy with our first guide in Jaipur, he managed to get the guide changed for the next day. He wanted to talk to us about it, in person, and was truly concerned. Kudos to this young man. HIs English is excellent, a big plus for us.

Jacki Fullerton

When my wife, Joy and I decided to travel to India and Nepal we decided to use Indebo based on recommendations I read in various publications including International Travel News. On the morning that we were supposed to fly to Kathmandu, Nepal, we were informed that the airport was closed! I spoke with our Indebo contact, Arundhati, who offered with various options.
After all this I would suggest to you, if you are planning a trip to India I would go to the Indebo website first and see what they have to offer before you consider anyone else.

Irwin Schatzman

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