About Us

With your Eyes on India, I give you the opportunity to see the true, enchanting India that lies beyond the travel brochures.

I believe my exposure to various world cultures and geographic destinations provides me with a wealth of personal experience in support of my continuing career in journalism.

The itineraries are designed around themes that bring you face to face with India’s rich heritage – be it music, dance, crafts, textiles, fairs or festivals. Take your through forts, palaces, forgotten cities, jungles, museums, exotic settings and exclusive performances. Explore the Indian panorama – treks high up in the mountains, sun down the beaches, and watch the tigers in the wild.

Why Eyes on India?

Authentic Experiences

An unadulterated experience is what we have on offer. You don’t just see. You get your hands dirty, just like the locals.

Local Flavours

Walk through the plantations, pick your own vegetables, and dine with a local family. Sit in a village overlooking the Taj Mahal and listen to stories around it from a villager. Learn cooking but not on a chef’s table but in the kitchen of a local family.

Customized Travels

You design your dream itineraries and we just help you realise your dreams. Be it a leisurely vacation or a educating one. You choose what to do, and we assist you in planning the ideal vacation plans.

Unmatched Expertise

Having travelled extensively around 65 countries, across 7 continents, gives us a fair bit of idea about the destinations. And, we have been crafting experiences for the past four decades.

Our Team

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International Travel News is an invaluable trip-planning aid for high-frequency travelers since 1976. It is both a news source and communication medium for travelers to destinations outside of the United States.
We have designed exclusive tours to the Indian subcontinent for the readers of International Travel News. Visit India during the Kumbhs, the largest religious gathering in the world or join the Maharajas of Rajasthan on a magical musical journey, or explore a country. You decide where you travel, how you travel and when you travel. We just customise it for you, so that you have the most extraordinary experience.