Don’t just limit yourself to India. Explore beyond. The Himalayas in Nepal, the monasteries in Bhutan, the pagodas in Myanmar, and the temples in Sri Lanka. All have their own story to tell, and are waiting to be explored.

Buddhism was born in Nepal, in the laps of the majestic Himalaya, but it flourished and influenced widely. From Bhutan to Sri Lanka through Myanmar. But as you travel from one country to the other you would observe the change in traditions, customs and social lifestyle of the people. In Bhutan you would find many monasteries while in Myanmar it’s more pagodas. But Buddhism is not the only reason for you to be here. A breakfast at the Everest base camp, sailing in the floating village, walking through vast tea plantation, how does that sound? These neighbouring countries of India are as much rich in culture, history that would tempt you to keep asking for more.

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