Trip Highlights

Experience the unique and exquisite details of the famous Taj Mahal
Experience the energy of Varanasi, one of the holiest cities in India
Village safari and high tea in Wilderness Camp
Explore the ancient capital city of the Mughal empire at Fatehpur Sikri
Find the iconic colors of the Pink City of Jaipur and Blue City of Jodhpur
Enjoy the romance and scenery of the incredible city of Udaipur

Trip overview:

Experience the true beauty of North India on this 14-day trip through diverse and treasured cultures.The famous cities of North India are no longer relegated to stories. Experience the beautiful history and ravishing culture that has brought renown to the country. You will watch the immaculate marble of the Taj Mahal capture the colors of sunrise. Experience the tremendous devotion of pilgrims at Varanasi. Walk in the footsteps of Buddha and cruise down the holy River Ganges. Capture the images of the pink city walls of Jaipur and the blue buildings of Jodhpur. Find the reality of lakeside cities and forest-clad temples far more wondrous than the stories of India ever could be

Day 1 (Dynamic Delhi)

On Arrival at Delhi Airport , you will meet an IndeBo representative who will assist you with your transfer to the hotel. After check in there will be a briefing session about the tour. You will have rest of the day to yourself to relax. Later, enjoy your dinner at the hotel

Day 2 (Ancient and Modern History)

After your breakfast at the Hotel.You will start the City tour – Rickshaw / Tuk-tuk ride
Visit Chandni Chowk – Volunteer at Gurdwara Shish Ganj Sahib – Khari Baoli (Spice Market) – Jama Masjid. Lunch at Dharmapura Haveli. Post Lunch visits Mandi House for a cultural play.
In evening – visit Connaught Place. This place is situated in the heart of Lutyens Delhi and is a shopper’s paradise. With shops for people of all taste and choice, you can literally shop here till you drop.Dinner at a local restaurant/pub/club in or around Connaught Place (you may also try the special fire/ice paan {betel leaf})

Day 3 (The Depths of a Holy City)

After breakfast your guide meets you and transfers you to the airport for your flight to Varanasi. The city is almost overwhelmingly colorful. Varanasi continues to be one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world.Your guide takes you to the Dhamek Stupa, one of the many holy places around the city. It is believed to be where Buddha first spoke his sermon after enlightenment. The Stupa was constructed in the 6th century and rises to a height of almost 130 feet. In the evening you will enjoy a river cruise down the Ganges.The Aarti Ceremony commences in the golden orange of sunset. You hear the collective singing of the people on the ghats.

Day 4 (A Holy Sunrise and Ancient Empires)

Your guide meets you at your hotel and escorts you to the ghats along the Ganges.You spend the morning strolling through the riverside temples and shops. In the afternoon you are taken to the airport and find yourself in the city of Khajuraho to visit the exceptional ancient temples. The temple complex dates back to the 10th century and once had 85 temples spread over 12 square miles. The Parshvanath temple is dedicated to Jainism and is one of the earliest constructed temples in the complex. In the evening you will view the sensational light and sound show that takes place over the western temples’ rising stupas.

Day 5 (Spectacular Carvings)

The western temples are dedicated to Lord Vishnu known as the Preserver of the Universe. Walking around the 870 sculptures in the Kandarya Mahadeva Temple, the largest of the complex is an unparalleled moment. In the afternoon you will climb aboard the train at the Jhansi station and make your way to Agra. Through the window, you can see medieval villages decorating the countryside. Stone and mud homes stand out against the tall grass. Arrive in Agra and be transferred to your hotel for the evening.

Day 6 (The Continued Marvels of Mughal Empires)

Today you will find yourself at the entrance gates of the famous Wonder of the World that has captivated the hearts of people for centuries. The Taj Mahal was constructed in the 17th century by Shah Jahan. The remarkable mausoleum was the first all-marble building in the Mughal Empire. The architectural elements of Islamic, Persian, Ottoman, and Indian styles are apparent in the design and décor.

Day 7 (Ghost City and Pink City)

Your guide meets you after breakfast and takes you to the ancient capital of the Mughal Empire. Fatehpur Sikri was built in the 16th century and quickly abandoned. The entrance gate, known as Buland Darwaza, stands over 465 feet tall. In the afternoon you will meet a local family and enjoy a home-cooked meal. Later you will arrive in the Pink City of Jaipur.

Day 8 (The Vibrancy of Pink)

After breakfast you embark on a tour of the city and find the Hawa Mahal, also known as the Palace of Winds. The honeycomb structure was built in the 18th century.When you step deeper into the City Palace you will come to the unique paintings and mirror work of Chandra Mahal. The seven-story structure is commanding in its beauty from both the outside and the inside. You find wonder in the astrological park and Amer Fort, the people and the market. The city is filled with historic marvels and lively magnetic culture.

Day 9 (The Rural Life for Me)

Outside of Jaipur is the desert of Rajasthan. After breakfast, you watch the pink city fade in the distance and come to the village of Masuda. The villagers are filled with curiosity and are eager to show you their way of life.The villagers are endlessly friendly. Later you will settle into your evening at Bijaynagar.

Day 10 (Village Life to Blue City Life)

The morning sun casts an orange light across the Rajasthan desert. After breakfast, you make your way to the village of Nimaj. Some of the surrounding temples date back to the 9th century and were built by the Pratihara Empire. On the outskirts of town, you come to Magarmandi Mata, one of the temples constructed by to the Gurjar Pratihar. Before your arrival in the Blue City, you come to a Bishnoi Village. You join the locals for a tasty meal and come to Jodhpur in the late afternoon.

Day 11 (When Everything is Blue)

On the edges of the city you see the towering mountainside. Atop the mountain is the impressive Mehrangarh Fort that blends into the rocky terrain. The parapet was built 400 feet above the city in the 15th century. When you look out over the fortress walls the vast panorama of Jodhpur stretches beyond the blue of the Old City. Later in the day, your private transfer will escort you to Jojawar for the night.

Day 12 (With Trains and Temples)

Your train departs from Jojawar in the morning. The scenery outside becomes plush with forest. At Ranakpur, you exit the train and venture for a look at the Chaumukha Temple’s exquisite architecture. The sanctuary’s magnificent artistry is apparent immediately. Domes, turrets, and cupolas stand tall over the sloping hill. You step aboard the train and continue your journey to Udaipur.

Day 13 (The City Beside the Lake)

The colors and the architecture reflect in Lake Pichola and create a fabulous mirror image. After breakfast, you will embark on a full day tour of Udaipur. The City Palace sits on the banks of the crystal water. The architecture is a reminder of the prestige and elegance of the city’s regal past that dates back to the 16th century.Inside the complex walls, you come to a series of palaces and villages interconnected through zigzagging corridors. The Garden Palace, known as Badi Mahal, is found on a natural rock. The rooms are on the ground floor of the precipice but actually look to the fourth-story of the surrounding palaces. Paintings decorate the walls and commemorate the history of the palace, from maharajas to elephants.

Day 14 ( Udaipur to Delhi)

Arrive in Delhi and transfer to International airport.Room for wash-and-change at the airport before the onward flight
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The Trident


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