Academic Travel

Pursue your field of interest. Explore India’s historical monuments and architecture, the various geological characteristics, the museums, and the different languages.

Plan alumni trips. Organize a field trip for the students. India is rich in history, geography and culture.

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Community Integration

What can be better than working for or with one of the local communities? Help in renovating or repairing a school building or a few sessions with the children there. A health camp for the underprivileged or an awareness campaign. Create happiness and joy for them and yourself.

Interaction is the best way to know a community. And nothing would make you feel better than work for and with these communities. Help rebuild a school in one of the villages in Rajasthan or teach children there. If you’re a doctor, you can come here and set up a medical camp for the underprivileged or run an awareness campaign to educate them. There are an endless number of things you can do for the betterment of a community and have extraordinary experiences.

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